I am a thirty-something year old performance-maker, freelance creative person and dramaturg based in Glasgow.

I have been a writer for ten years, writing for a range of print and digital publications, including The List, Exeunt, Tempo House, Springback Magazine, Scottish Review of Books and The Wee Review. I like to think I am also a Real Writer, but I’ve got a lot of half-finished Moleskines that would suggest otherwise.

As an artist, I mainly work with my friends and co-conspirators at The Doing Group. Formed in our final year at university, we have gone on to make work all across Europe and are chiefly concerned with creating a collaborative practice of ‘doing’ which in turn produces new realities.

As a researcher, I am interested in a gentle practice of reframing and nurturing participatory interaction with art and rural landscapes, which combines my interest and experience in dramaturgy, criticism and social engagement.

Previous gainful employment includes walking dogs, counting buttons, packing frozen fish, plastering, making mulled wine, teaching archery, and selling stamps. All of the work on the site is mine. I must give permission for any part of it to be reproduced, copied, or referenced. No stealsies.