Test Unit

Test Unit 2016 delivered a week-long intensive art, design and architecture summer school and events programme, that saw 25 cross-disciplinary participants come together and over the course of a week transform a vacant and derelict site in north Glasgow into a public space.

The ambitions of the project were to prototype ideas in public space, build local capacity to initiate grass-roots projects and to place culture and education at the heart of regeneration. The first of its kind in Scotland, the intensive summer school formed a unique construct of partners and funders that reflected an alternative approach to formal education and explored new approaches to urban development.

A series of temporary physical, social, cultural and environmental interventions that prototyped future possibilities for a derelict site in Glasgow. As project assistant, I also was part of the ‘alternate realities’ group, supported by Neil McGuire.

This work has informed my current interest in participatory placemaking practice, and gave us an excellent chance to prototype outlandish ideas (such as installing a giant billboard) on a 1:1 scale.

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