Co-commissioned by Glasgow Life and the Merchant City Festival, Sydney Harbour Foreshaw Authority and Urbane Keniste Ruhr, and bringing together artists from Australia, the Netherlands and Scotland, Nomanslanding was a monumental performance installation held at Tramway in July 2017.

Featured artists: Robyn Backen (AUS), Andre Dekker (NED), Graham Eatough (UK), Nigel Helyer (AUS) and Jennifer Turpin (AUS)

Dramaturgy assistant: Irina Glinski

Performers: Jude Williams, Nerea Bello

Smite Me Now

A film by the wonderful artist and friend Paul Michael Henry concerning the growing incidence of male suicide in Scotland and the UK.

Commissioned by the University of Edinburgh for Man Down, an event making space for art and discussion about the subject.

Performance and Music – Paul Michael Henry

Editing – Shuta Shimmyo

Dramaturgy – Irina Glinski

Roisin O’Brien – Dance

In May 2018, I had the pleasure of supporting Edinburgh-based choreographer Roisin O’Brien in developing a new work for Only Skin.

Dance dramaturgy is an area that I am curious about developing a more nuanced language for, beyond just telling Roisin to do more ‘cool bendy things’. Watch this space.

Time Dust

Dust does not help us to remember, it reminds us that we have already forgotten. The choreographic solo performance TIME DUST investigates the temporality of ruins and decay on the basis of dust. The dance of dust and mirror-fragments takes us into the fragile world of remnants and disturbs the dust which has settled on the memory of war and trauma. In search of a future, present and past are burst in the haunting sound space. The disturbing excess of dust cannot be grasped and destruction and decay will eventually gain the upper hand. 

TIME DUST’s simple movement language captures a sense of ruination and memory beyond words and speaks to audiences in affective images. The interplay between mirror-suit, dust and light creates ephemeral sculptures in the air. The choreography and soundscape intertwine and merge into a visual sound-choreography: the performer creates sounds with movements on and across the stage element which are picked up by integrated mics and transformed into complex soundscapes to which the movements react in turn again.

Directing & Performance: Peter Lorenz
Dramaturgy: Irina Glinski
Sound-Design: Martin Hofstetter
Lighting-Design: Nikolaus Granbacher


In the game of televised war, it is hard to tell who is allowed to say ‘we’ any more.

A solo performer struggles with words and language as she attempts to untangle the machinery of war and mediatisation.

written by Elfriede Jelinek
translated by Lilian Friedberg

directed by Peter Lorenz
performed by Jelena Bašić

dramaturgy by Irina Glinski
video by Michał Sztepiuk
with Stanley Smith

supervised by Graham Eatough
with technical support of Tony Sweeten

Performed at the James Arnott Theatre & the Glad Café in Glasgow (UK) as part of the Worker’s Theatre Weekender.